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Sevier Farmers Co-op was organized and chartered in 1948 to allow farmers to pool resources and increase buying power for supplies needed on the farm. Sevier Farmers Co-op has changed with the times throughout our 60+ year history and continues to meet the needs of the people who live in and around the Smoky Mountian area. Today you will find everything you need for your home, farm, garden, pets, and everything in between at Sevier Farmers Co-op. Come by the store and see huge selection of items that are in stock! 

Co-op in Tennessee includes TFC and 60 member cooperatives. At the very foundation of the highly successful cooperative system in Tennessee are the some 70,000 farmers who are member owners of the local Co-ops in their home counties. Of course, you don’t have to be a member of the Co-op to shop there. Co-op offers quality products for everyone!

The nearly 150 Co-op retail outlets, which operate in 83 of Tennessee’s 95 counties, serve more than half a million customers across the state. Four member Co-ops also have branch retail stores in neighboring states of Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Since ours is a federated cooperative system, there is a pyramid of ownership. The farmer members own their local Co-ops; those local Co-ops, in turn, own TFC. In conjunction with other regional cooperatives, TFC owns interregionals, which are cooperative businesses that focus on research, services, or manufacturing and distribution. This gives the farmer true ownership of his or her own farm supply and service organization.

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